Klikr Home Luangwa sunset in larger view - by Steve Holroyd

Stock images of  amazing  East African wildlife and scenery from Zambia taken in 2019 by Steve Holroyd on www.klikr.co.uk includes:Luangwa sunset and Lungawa River sunrise, Yellow baboons grooming, Leopard profile and frontal gaze, African Bull Elephant, Rock python, Lilac-breasted Roller, Crawshay's Zebra, Southern Carmine Bee-eater, Yellow baboons displaying aggression, Night leopard, Verreaux eagle-owl at night, Big gapes featuring an adult hippopotamus and a stork gaping simultaneously, Elephant eye, Striped skink cannibal,  Red-billed Oxpeckers on Thornicroft's Giraffe, Male Trumpeter Hornbill, Skink in a tree hole, Impala does feeding, Victoria Falls with figures, Victoria Falls with rainbow, Victoria Falls contra jour.  Nature and travel photographs by award-winning photographer Steve Holroyd. These fine images taken on Olympus equipment and similar ones are available for sale at various resolutions. Please click on Sales below for information about how to order them. Inquire about more images in stock.

  Thank you.

Zambia 2019 Yellow baboons grooming by Steve Holroyd Leopard by Steve Holroyd Crawshay's Zebra by Steve Holroyd Vervet Monkey - by Steve Holroyd Little bee-eater -  by Steve Holroyd Female Waterbuck by Steve Holroyd Hippos with young by Steve Holroyd Bull elephant by Steve Holroyd Lazing Hyena by Steve Holroyd Verreaux eagle-owl by Steve Holroyd dawn at hot springs by Steve Holroyd African Rock Python by Steve Holroyd Yelow baboon aggression by Steve Holroyd Sunrise on The Luangwa River by Steve Holroyd To order, please right-click the thumbnails of images you wish to order, download them    to your desktop or other folder of your choice and email them


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Leopard darkness by Steve Holroyd Elephant eye by Steve Holroyd Striped skink cannibal by Steve Holroyd Red-billed Oxpeckers on Thornicroft's Giraffe by Steve Holroyd Home Home
Lilac-breasted Roller by Steve Holroyd Big gapes by Steve Holroyd featuring an adult hippopotamus and a stork gaping simultaneously Southern Carmine Bee-eater by Steve Holroyd Cookie Information Young leopard's gaze by Steve Holroyd Yellow-billed Stork flying with nest material by Steve Holroyd Victoria Falls by Steve Holroyd Skink in tree hole by Steve Holroyd Male Trumpeter Hornbill by Steve Holroyd Luangwa sunset - by Steve Holroyd Victoria Falls Rainbow by Steve Holroyd Impala doe browsing Victoria Falls figures by Steve Holroyd Sales Galleries Klikr Galleries
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If you are interested in buying any of these images, for personal or commercial use, please contact Steve by clicking here. You can either drag the thumbnails to your email, send me screenshots  or  discuss the ones that you want with me.

All images on this website are suitable for high quality reproduction up to A4 or A3 and others larger still.  

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If the images on show aren’t quite what you're looking for, please contact Steve click here who has many similar shots for most subjects (sometimes part of the same series). Alternatively he’s always prepared to consider specific projects, and may be able to re-visit the same or similar subject matter in different lighting conditions or from a different perspective.

You may also want to check Steve’s photos on Alamy click here which are all upscaled to large file sizes as required for a commercial stock photo library with commensurate pricing.

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